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Industrial Controller Family ESP32 PLC

A powerful and versatile board, ideal for industrial solutions of monitoring, control & automation.

The ESP32 Board comes with two nucleus that allows you to seperate the functions to Inputs & Outputs or Communications

By doing this you are able to manage more data and do it faster.  Up to 520 kb SRAM memory is available and supports a huge range of industrial projects.  Go even further with an external flash memory.

Up to 58 Inputs & Outputs

Digital, Analog and RElay

Standard Protocols

WiFI, Bluetooth LE, RTC, µSD, Ethernet, USB, Full/Half Duplex RS485, RS232, I2C, Modbus

No License Cost

The PLC can be programmed using Arduino IDE platform

A complete product range.  Analog, Digital and Relay Inputs & Outputs

ESP32 PLC 21 13 Inputs / 8 Outputs
ESP32 PLC 19R 6 Inputs / 11 Outputs
ESP32 PLC 38R   12 Inputs / 22 Outputs
ESP32 PLC 38AR 19 Inputs / 19 Outputs
ESP32 PLC 42 26 Inputs / 16 Outputs
ESP32 PLC 50RRA 22 Inputs / 36 Outputs
ESP32 PLC 53AAR 25 Inputs / 28 Outputs
ESP32 PLC 54ARA 29 Inputs / 25 Outputs
ESP32 PLC 57R 18 Inputs / 31 Outputs
ESP32 PLC 57AAR 32 Inputs / 25 Outputs
ESP32 PLC 58 36 Inputs / 22 Outputs

It complies with regulations for industrial automation.


Connect external memory card or copy your important data using usb.


It can be programmed with multiple software platforms, mainly free platforms.

Meet the Industrial PLC based on ESP32

Industrial Solutions for Automation, Monitoring and Control

Modular PLC
This is the first equipment based on the ESP32 technology designed for professional use.  With the PLC range, you can have up to 58I/Os. It also contains several communication ports that provide more flexibility and control. The ESP32 PLC family offers the possibility to expand up to 127 modules through I2C, which means that you can have until 7100 Inputs / Outputs in Master-Slave connections, additionally to sensors, etc…

Programming Software
This ESP32 PLC can be programmed using the Arduino IDE platform.

Instantaneous connection and coding
The ESP32 PLC is programmed through the USB ports. This PLC can also be programmed through an Ethernet port remotely. This offers immediate access to program, maintain, and control.

An ESP32 Industrial grade shield

This ESP32 PLC it has been designed for Industrial applications. It allows the use of WiFi, Bluetooth LE, Ethernet IP protocol and other industrial Ethernet protocols like Modbus TCP and others.

Multiple Applications for Multiple Sectors

With the ESP32 PLC create solutions for lots of projects

Eolic. Energy. Sustainability

The use of renewable energy is increasing at cruising speed every passing day. Ensure the best performance of the installations monitoring the KPI.


Control remotely the humidity, the ventilation, the CO2 level and the luminosity. By doing this you will maintain the best environment and get the best.

Machinery. Maintenance

for this image( Automate and monitor your industrial machines and get notified when maintenance needs to be carried out eliminating unplanned down time increasing productivity, predictive maintenance is easy with open source hardware)

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 refers to the transformation of industry through the intelligent networking of machines and processes with the help of Industrial Shields ESP32 family of controllers can help you achieve Industry 4.0 excellence


Easily Automate and monitor your logistics process and keep track of work flows in real time

Petrol. Chemistry

Monitoring in petrochemical facilities is a key element. A correct configuration of the elements to be monitored will allow us to see in real time the key indicators of the production that is being carried out, so that we can make decisions quickly and efficiently. Decisions driven by data.

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